Dumoulin still number one, despite a number two

We all know the feeling, can’t hold it, can’t hold it…

Tom Dumoulin couldn’t hold it either in the 16th stage of the Giro. While being a true sportsman when his main competitors had some despair in the previous stage, by waiting for Quintana after some ‘bad luck’, his rivals did not return the favor and took full advantage of Dumoulin’s stomach issues in a thrilling stage of the the 2017 Giro d’Italia.

Nibali managed to win the stage after going down like a true Italian champion after a tough Borneo climb and beating Landa in the sprint. Quintana also managed to win a lot of time at the finish with his third place.

Still it wasn’t enough to take the pink jersey from ‘brown Tom’. With a fighting spirit the Dutchman managed to keep the lead. With more than 2 minutes to spare at the start of the ‘stage of stages’, the 26 year-old showed true character by staying 31 second in front in the overall classification. Francesco Nibali is still well behind at third place with 72 seconds behind ‘Magna Rosa’ owner Tom Dumoulin.