Eastern promise and Western pretension

The Berlin Wall

Anyone in Saxony who currently sees, hears or reads (western) German media reports about their homeland will probably feel like we do in Hungary when German media write about our country: One learns more about the author’s mental state than about the country.

The term “East German” has become similarly pejorative like that of “Eastern European.” If you read between the lines, those in the East are different. And being different is bad, because you have to be like those in the West, or “Wessis.”

Those in the East are mentally and morally retarded, stupid or evil, or both. Democracy is an alien concept to these racist, xenophobic slaves to authority.

“East Germans” and “Eastern Europeans” still have a lot to learn before they will be as enlightened as the authors of the respective articles. And the reason they are so “filled with hate” (or rather, evil) is probably because they have neglected the process of “coming to terms with the past” and are somehow mentally at home somewhere in a communist or even fascist dictatorship.

The nicest thing that is said or written about them is that they have “fears” that have to be “taken seriously.” But in the end, they are only afraid because they are too stupid to realize that in reality there is no problem except perhaps their own racist responses. A little re-education through “dialogue” should help.

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Written by Boris Kalnoky, Deutsche Welle