Facebook warns the EU for “enormous” crisis

Blocking extra-EU data transfers would cause an “enormous” crisis, Facebook warns

Facebook also claims that the legal challenge against user data transfers from the EU to US was “deeply flawed”, and that sufficient privacy protections are already in place.

Facebook’s criticism concerns the challenge launched by Max Schrems against the so-called model contracts, legal arrangements that thousands of companies use to transfer personal data outside the EU.

Last May, the Irish Data Protection Authority referred the challenge to the Court Of Justice of the European Union. Facebook argues that this should not have happened, as it did not take into account the EU–US Privacy Shield agreement, under which the US agreed to limit the collection of Europeans’ data stored on US servers, Reuters reported.

According to the Irish Times, Facebook also told the Irish High Court that an “enormous” crisis would follow if the EU would not allow trade with countries that do not have comparable data-protection standards.