Estonia coordinates first EU-wide cyber security exercise


The Estonian Presidency has planned a strategic-level table-top cyber exercise across Europe on Wednesday, September 6, the Estonian News Agency (EER) reports.

The EU-wide Cyber Defence Exercise (CYBRID 2017) is the first of its kind. According to the Deputy Director of the Estonian Ministry of Defence, Tanel Tep, the exercise will simulate the impact of an attack against various military structures.

The simulation will engage defense ministries and aims to highlight the importance of developing the EU’s cyber defense capability by demonstrating the possible effects of an attack.

Moreover, according to the Minister of Defense, Jüri Luik, the exercise will explore the limits of EU-NATO cooperation in dealing with cyber attacks.

The hybrid scenarios underpinning CYBRID 2017 involve media pressure as well as social media campaigns that target governments politically, without specifying the nature of such scenarios.

The exercise will be followed by an informal meeting of EU defense ministers on Thursday to address topics of defense cooperation as well as the European Defense Fund.