‘Golden Boy’ Badr Hari back to prison

Dutch-Moroccan kickboxing star Badr Hari has to spend 6 months in a Dutch cell after the High Court in The Hague confirmed his two year conviction for several assault charges today.

Hari has been the subject of a number of police investigations for charges of assault and has gained a reputation for violent behavior.

A psychologist who spoke to Hari in relation to one of his trials, concluded that his success as an athlete and celebrity status, combined with a lack of personal guidance, has resulted in narcissistic personality traits.

Late October 2012, an indictment was handed to Hari, which contained nine criminal charges against Hari: eight crimes of violence and one moving violation.

In 2010 Hari droves his car into the Albert Cuyp Street, which was closed to vehicle traffic, and has an accident with a pedestrian severely injuring her leg.

The eight crimes of violence are: attempted manslaughter of Koen Everink (who was murdered in 2016, however without link to Badr Hari), two assaults in night club Club Air, the assault of the brother of an ex-partner in bar Cooldown, an assault in club Jimmy Woo, an assault of two people including a woman in July 2011, and the assault of a doorman in 2010. An investigation is ongoing.

On 21 February 2014 a court in Amsterdam condemned him to jail for 1½ years. His legal team filed an immediate appeal, as did the prosecution. However, the High Court in The Hague found him guilty of aggravated assault, noting in particular that each of his assaults was preceded by a relatively mild quarrel and that to his victims his violent behaviour came as a complete surprise, leaving them no chance to defend themselves. He was sentenced to two years in prison, of which ten months suspended. Since he had already spent eight months in pre-arrest, he now has to serve half a year in prison. In addition, he has to pay his victims a fine of €45 000.

Badr Hari  is a former K-1 Heavyweight champion (2007—2008), It’s Showtime Heavyweight world champion (2009-2010) and K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 finalist.  Hari has been a prominent figure in the world of kickboxing and considered one of the best kickboxers in the world.

In his last fight in 2016 he lost to Rico Verhoeven after breaking his arm. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but his attorney has said Hari will turn himself in to avoid an international arrest warrant.