Is Germany’s Chancellor the real leader of Europe?

German voters have increasingly turned on their long-standing chancellor Angela Merkel, with many furious with the leader’s “preference for Europe over Germany”.

Angela Merkel has seen her popularity tumble, with voters growing in anger over the notorious decision to open up Germany’s borders two years ago.

The German leader, from the Christian Democrat Union (CDU), remains favourite to win but faces a crucial televised debate this week.

Earlier this week, Mrs Merkel was once again greeted by booing crowds and heckles from those angry at what they see as an “obsession with the EU”.

Latest figures suggest around 46% of people in the country are still undecided about how they will vote.

Mrs Merkel is seeking re-election for her fourth term when Germans head to the polls in just three weeks time.

Since 2015 she has allowed nearly a million migrants to set up home in Germany, with the majority being from conflict-savaged Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

One voter branded her “out of touch” while another described as more European than German.

Speaking to Sky News, one young man said: “She is anti-German, she wants a big European country and I don’t like this.”

During her rallies this week, Mrs Merkel tried to address this concern and said: “We can all agree that we cannot repeat a year like 2015.

“We must help people in their own countries to fight causes that make them flee and this will be our task for the next four years.”

Merkel’s main opposition is the former European Parliament president Martin Schulz, who leads the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

However, more controversially, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AFD) party is expected to win around 8-9% of the vote.

When asked if the party was racist, its new leader Alice Weidel told Sky News: “That’s complete nonsense because it’s not based on anything.

“So it’s just to label us due to the fact that Alternative for Germany is quite dangerous for the other parties in this country.”