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Is Facebook losing its base?

The pioneering social media site is increasingly being looked at skeptically by college-aged Americans, according to new polling data.

EU Commission aims move to reduce governments’ veto powers

The European Commission will propose measures that could reduce EU small states’ veto powers, a document showed - a move meant to overcome resistance to tax reforms as the bloc aims to increase levies on digital multinationals.

EU sees glimmer of hope on budget deal

In an interview, EU negotiator Michel Barnier says details on British budget obligations can be resolved by December, allowing talks on post-Brexit relationship to proceed.

Maltese journalist ‘assassinated for her whistleblowing activity’

The son of murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia accused Prime Minister Joseph Muscat of being complicit in his mother's death.



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EU issues ultimatum on hate speech

The European Union gave the ultimatum to social media companies, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, to remove hate speech from their platforms.

English not an official EU language anymore after Brexit

The Commission has already started using French and German more often in its external communications, as a symbolic move after Britain voted to leave the EU.

It’s time to fix the Euro

Germany's national election will sound the starting gun for a renewed debate on fixing flaws in Europe’s shared currency to prevent future crises.

UEFA Nations League lineup has been confirmed

In order to counteract what many view as meaningless international friendlies, UEFA have established the Nations League, which will be played off between teams of similar standards.

Catalan leadership proclaims independence, no declaration yet

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has proclaimed the region's independence from Spain but says its effects will be suspended to allow for talks with the Madrid government.

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Euro-Muslims willing to embrace non-Muslims

A survey of Muslims in 15 European Union countries finds most are willing to embrace non-Muslims, but they often feel rebuffed by the majority populations of the places they live.

Spain’s government cracks down on Catalonia

Spain has taken control of Catalonia's finances to prevent funds being used for an independence referendum it deems illegal, a move that limits the region's autonomy and puts in doubt the payment of thousands of public workers' salaries.

Nuclear threat at highest level since Cold War

President Donald Trump threatened the “total destruction’” of North Korea if the nation’s “Rocket man” leader does not abandon his drive toward nuclear weapons.

EU executive body proposes stricter party finance rules

The EU will introduce reforms to curb abuses in party financing for European Parliament elections as it tries to bolster trust in the bloc's democracy.

Is the EU ‘bouncing back’ and ready to go?

The European Union is in a healthier economic state than it’s been for more than a decade and is ready to move on from Brexit,.

State of the European Union Speech 2017

Every September in the annual State of the European Union speech the President of the European Commission takes stock of the achievements of the past year and presents priorities for the year ahead.

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