Romania to take over EU Council presidency in 2019

romania president iohannis

Head of the state, Klaus Iohannis, would like Romania to do “a good job” at the presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2019, assuring that he will personally get involved wherever needed for a successful mandate of the country.

According to Iohannis, insofar as all the institutions in charge — President, Government, Parliament — will fulfill their incumbent tasks. Romania’s presidency at the EU Council in 2019 will not only be a “bureaucratic success,” but an opportunity to define priorities for our country and demonstrate that we have “good ideas” for the entire European Union.

“For me, it will not be complicated, nor simple. The European Union is a project that I have been very much involved in, from the very beginning. I am attached to the European Union, I have said it and I think everyone knows it, I hope there is no surprise. I want Romania to do a good job there. Personally, I will get involved wherever I can and where it is needed from me in order to achieve that, so as to have a good presidency,” stated Klaus Iohannis, on Monday, in an interview for the “European Way” platform.

Romania’s President added that, on the subject of this mandate at the EU Council, “the Government has slowly come to the realization that more than just political statements are needed in order to prepare ourselves.”

“Our representation in Brussels is also preparing for this presidency. We have lately noticed that even Parliament is at least declaratively prepared to support the preparations for the 2019 presidency. So, if we all do our part, not not just the President but also the Government and Parliament, we can turn this presidency not only into a bureaucratic success but also into an opportunity for Romania. It would be the first time we can set the agenda for certain areas when we can define certain priorities of Romania and show that we not only want to be in the European Union, but also to show that we know what we want for Romania and that we have good ideas, including for the entire European Union,” Klaus Iohannis underscored.