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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Opposition to Nord Stream 2 makes no sense for America or Europe

President Donald Trump, his opponents in the United States, and his critics in Europe have found common cause: opposing the planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would transport Russian natural gas to Germany. All sides are in rare agreement, but they are all misguided in their own ways.

Dutch Senate approves EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

The upper house of Dutch Parliament has approved ratification of a pact between the European Union and Ukraine.

Geert Wilders turns down European Parliament seat

Geert Wilders will not become a member of European Parliament. The Electoral Council appointed the Dutch PVV leader this week as an MEP.

EU welcomes WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

The ratifications by Chad, Jordan, Oman and Rwanda means the deal has reached the pre-determined threshold of 110 WTO members required for its immediate entry into force.

EU and Japan resolved to swiftly conclude free trade deal

While a broad agreement is now within sight, the parties remain divided over certain aspects of market access and tariff removal.

Dutch parliament will not approve Ukraine treaty until after elections

The landmark cooperation agreement between the European Union and Ukraine will delayed and might even be voided as the Netherlands puts off approving the treaty.

EU and Mexico agree to speed up trade talks

The European Union and Mexico have agreed to accelerate trade talks, with two negotiating rounds scheduled to take place over the next five months towards a reformed free trade agreement.

Morocco warns EU over trade deal

The North African nation and the European Union signed in 2012 a multi-million-euro fishing and agriculture trade agreement.



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