The transnational party that aims at votes from disillusioned people

Volt Europe is a new European party founded by an under-35 who wants to put more of Italy in Europe. We interviewed the founders.

In a western political landscape that was unsettled by Brexit and the Trump presidency, the Italian election of the 4 of March added a new unsettling element to the puzzle. Volt is a sore thumb in Europe: as a movement that doesn ́t just put Europe at the centre of its program but that was also born with a transnational view, Volt aims to run in 7 different countries at the EU election of 2019 and to become the first European party. The post-Brexit reasoning over the future brought Andrea Venzon, together with Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Damian Boeselager, to found Volt Europe one year ago.

Some figures..

As of today, Volt is present in all of the 28 EU countries, Switzerland and Albania. It is led by a team on 12 people which is supported by a large volunteer force that is growing also in Italy. Given that young people are highly active on social media, it is through these digital platforms that the movement has started growing. Since the launch of the Facebook page, one year ago, Volt Europe amassed 28 000 (in Italy are over 8 000) and 20 000 newsletter subscribers.

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Original article by Vincenzo Tiani,